Moro Keris Sword

Southern Philippines

Wood, Steel, Mother-of-Pearl, Wire, Rattan, Cloth

Late 19th C./Early 20th C.

Knife in scabbard 27.25”x5.75” W,

Blade 21.25´ L

A good Moro fighting sword.  The wooden octagonal handle is inlaid with carved mother-of-pearl worn smooth from use. Below the mother-of-pearl, expertly wound and knotted wire in a decorative and precise pattern complete the handle. The blade is carefully forged and incised.  The newer, beautifully carved at both ends, wood scabbard has fine strips of rattan wound the length of the mid-section and has an old fabric “grip” at the top.  Losses and repairs - in the back or the handle where the forefinger sat, the wire is worn away plus a small piece of shell has been replaced.