Native American Roach with Spreader
East of the Rockies
Porcupine Guard Hair, Dyed White Tailed Deer Hair, Repurposed Brass Object
16" L x 13” H x 5" W (on its base)
20th Century

A fine example of the most common form of an American Indian headdress.  We particularly like the creative use of the brass plate.These were worn only by male warriors and dancers.  Most tribes east of the Rockies were acquainted with some form of roach headdresses.  Roached hair was common in the Mohawk and Mohican tribes, to name only two of many tribes, where their hair was worn in a scalplock or crested roach style and the roach attached to the man’s own hair. In other tribes, porcupine roaches were attached to leather thongs or headbands and worn over braids or long hair. Some losses.