Comb Decorated with Two Gope Faces

Papuan Gulf, PNG

As collectors in the San Francisco Tribal Art scene, we have selected many representations from native peoples from around the world.  Tribal Art to us expresses the natural beauty and simplicity that transcends all cultures, all regions, bringing together the essence of what defines art and our human heritage, whether it is in the primitive everyday tool or the exquisite creations meant to glorify one's deity.  These ethnographic examples displayed on our Tribal Art website visually stir the imagination with pure excitement and wonderment.  Their purpose, their functionality, their form speak to us individually, but there is also a universality that endures through the ages.  We share with you the need to surround ourselves with these magical works of art, to revel in their power to transform and their ultimate aesthetic appeal.  Enjoy our collection as we enjoy sharing it with you. 


Callie and Sheridan Oakes